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27. december 2017 at 18:03 | Me.
Hi guys!

Sorry, I was really busy with everything. Mostly because of school. I was really stressed about school, driver's school and Christmas.

School things are okay but not perfect ( I am in school last year. So I'm going to have maturita exam.) It's hard to do things for Maturita and do things for normal lessons.

I had prom on 6th December!!!! It was one of my best nights in my life.It was amazing. My friends, my family, my dress. Everything. Okay I admit there were problem with a photographer or with my lost mask (we wore it during a performance). In the end everything was perfect. Only...not only unfortunately I missed my mom, dad, sister, grandparents who would be there too. It's so selfish to say but I truly wanted to hear my mom say ,,I'm proud of you" not because of me..maybe a little :) ...but because it would mean she's alive :(

My driver's school has been gone terribly wrong whereas school is good. I failed. I don't have driver's license. I didn't make it in time. There is 6-month limit since your first try to get it. So for me it doesn't even count that I was going there. Like I've never been in driver's school. It' inane.I have to pay again if I've ever tried this again and it will not be in Pardubice! But keeping it positive. School is good :) ...until maturita :-D

Christmas time is always busy. I don't know why but this year it seemed too much to me. People, people, people, food, food, food. I wasn't capable to do christmas cookies so I've bought a dough and make some. Suprisingly I was able to make some non-baked christmas cookie balls day before Christmas Eve. :-D At least something. I was so stressed and even had Christmas depression after visiting a cementary on Christmas day. But in the evening the depression went away. After our flat may burnt out. I'm not kidding. I had a one hour nap while the advent wreth was ignited, because one of the candles had burnt out. My grandad had close eyes (he was sitting and a little falling asleep) and then he hear a strange noise so he woke up. He looked at our table and there was a fire. So he picked up the burning wreath and all way long he carried it to the bathroom. While I was sleeping happily. :-D It is terrific that we may have burnt out. Now it is a funny story. Lessons learned. Look out for open fire!

Of course I have to socialize with my friends... few days I was thinking about my "friends". I may feel better when I had fewer friends. Fortunately I have two true friends...I believe.

I have been home alone for 3 weeks. So I have to take care of all housework.

I hope after reading this article you know that I have busy and hard times. Don't think that I was positive everyday. I had my days. I don't like that depression makes regular things ten times harder. However I have to deal with it. Now I'm alone in this world and I have to face it. I can rely only on me (okay not alone I have a grandad, who gives me a place to live)



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Welcome back and good luck with maturita 😉

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