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19. june 2017 at 23:26 | Me.

Night. Thoughts. Afraid. Of. LIFE.

It's 11 in the evening. And I have not done ANYTHING today. Only sleeping, eating, drinking, staring on tv, my phone and my notebook. That's fucking all. I'm so LAZY. Fuck me tomorrow I HAVE to GO to SCHOOL. I'm starting to have social anxiety.

Thanks to Omegle I "talked" to person from india. If writing counts as talking. I don't have to forget I spoke with my granddad - only one minute and it was a call. So basically that's my only two social interactions of today. My lonely flat is still messy. Nothing has changed since the morning.

Sorry for the swearing but that's what no social interactions do. And a little bit depression...

Tomorrow except to school I'm going to see my friend at shoping mall. She woks there. Recently I've found out she's PREGNANT! And she's younger than me. She's only 17 yrs old. I don't get it. Ok. More about it. Tomorrow.

I'm so frightened about tomorrow that means get back in my life again - make social links get my empty flat cleaned excercise a little and buy food - 80% of me don't wanna do this. RIght now I assume that my depression got worse. Another good thing happen in my life - so •sarcastic• I'm gonna end this right now cause I shouldn't dig into that deeper in sake of my mental health.

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1 Natt Natt | Web | 19. june 2017 at 23:41 | React

I wish you good luck tomorrow! I'm sure you will make it :) I have also a great deal of problems with social interactions and my social skills are like way too under a zero point.
Just try to stay strong for yourself and since you have come this far - you are strong! Even the little things can mean the most - and this come from a person who also suffers from SAD and depression.

2 Me. Me. | 20. june 2017 at 0:08 | React

[1]: I had a positive view on life but then my father became an alcoholic then he died then other 8 people close to me died and last year my beloved mom who has been supporting me in every way and lightening my life has died. That was the point break of this sadness.
Anyway thanks for you beautiful words to unknown person! It helps. a little. but it helps! ☺

3 Hrobárova Dcéra Hrobárova Dcéra | Web | 20. june 2017 at 7:02 | React

Pregnant in 17? So sad...
Sorry if I'm rude, but why this all? What's your story? Why you are depressed?
Don't be alone with your daemons...

4 Y. Y. | Web | 3. july 2017 at 2:19 | React

[3]: exactly. I'd like to know more to help out this young lady. :(

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