June 2017

Quote of the Night.2

27. june 2017 at 0:49 | Me.


I am a COFFE MAKER...I mean I've made a cappuccino.

27. june 2017 at 0:38 | Me.


I wanna share with you my experience of making a real cappuccino!

During yesterday and this day all my class participate in barista course. Yesterday we had some theory and in the afternoon we tasted coffee from 6 countries (for example from Burundi, Ethiopia...) Firstly as an espresso then we tasted filtred coffee. This was so delicious. He used Siphon coffee brewer.
Siphon coffe brewer
It costs about 2000 CZK but definitely worth it. I wouldn't be upset if someone gave me this as birthday present! <*_*>

Not really wanna write a long article how to make an espresso or a cappuccino. After all I'm not the expert here. And the second thing I don't really want tto share moments when my "unskill" was displayed with company of my schoolmates. Briefly the first thing was that I almost scolded a boy. He's standing next to me and I added too much pressure into milk whipper. The second I was trying to put back the single handle on espressomaker and the handle fell of the ground. The coffe maker costs 280 000 CZK and this happened to ME!

See ya!

Let the world know I am here.

26. june 2017 at 23:51 | Me.

Hi there!

I just wanna let you know that now I am better now. Out of my deepest depression in my life. It took 4 days to escape from the depression and feel something a little more positive. Thanks all of you. You helped a lot too.

My latest post was at midnight on Monday. So on Tuesday I went to see her at the shopping mall when she works and she wasn't there. My immediate thought was I've messed up something again. I am here in wrong day. So I looked for the info on Messenger and I wasn't wrong she was supposed to work there that day. Overall I write to her and she invited me to outdoor pool. Then we went to a café. It was a very nice evening and we''ve talked about so many things, because we have not seen each other for so long time. She was talking about her pregnancy too. She's in third month now. When she told her "condition" to mom. Her mom has kicked her out for a few days. Anyway Jessie (pseudonym for this friend *<_>*) and her boyfriend are looking for an apartment to rent now. That's nice that she has an older bf to take care of her and the baby. Of course she has to leave school for next 2 yrs. However, she is livin' with peas with dat.... -_- I mean she's living in piece with that now.

Quote of the Night.1

19. june 2017 at 23:35 | Me.

Monsters. In. My. •Heart|Head•

Wrong wrong and wrong

19. june 2017 at 23:26 | Me.

Night. Thoughts. Afraid. Of. LIFE.

It's 11 in the evening. And I have not done ANYTHING today. Only sleeping, eating, drinking, staring on tv, my phone and my notebook. That's fucking all. I'm so LAZY. Fuck me tomorrow I HAVE to GO to SCHOOL. I'm starting to have social anxiety.

Thanks to Omegle I "talked" to person from india. If writing counts as talking. I don't have to forget I spoke with my granddad - only one minute and it was a call. So basically that's my only two social interactions of today. My lonely flat is still messy. Nothing has changed since the morning.

Sorry for the swearing but that's what no social interactions do. And a little bit depression...

Tomorrow except to school I'm going to see my friend at shoping mall. She woks there. Recently I've found out she's PREGNANT! And she's younger than me. She's only 17 yrs old. I don't get it. Ok. More about it. Tomorrow.

I'm so frightened about tomorrow that means get back in my life again - make social links get my empty flat cleaned excercise a little and buy food - 80% of me don't wanna do this. RIght now I assume that my depression got worse. Another good thing happen in my life - so •sarcastic• I'm gonna end this right now cause I shouldn't dig into that deeper in sake of my mental health.

Song of the day.1

19. june 2017 at 12:27 | Me.

Day. Low. Self-Esteem. Song.

The song is like all about me. except the drugs. However the lyric can have so many different meanings for so many different people.

♫ Just. enJOY. It. ♫

Senseless behavior again

19. june 2017 at 12:06 | Me.

Everything. is. Wrong. AGAIN.

I've just got up at 12 at noon. It's Monday. I have to be at school but I am not at school right now. Why doesn't it suprise me. At least I know the consequence of this - visit my lovely school on August and write few tests. Oh My God. I don't wanna but it's my fault.

I'm gonna make some pasta with home-made pesto from Italy. A little joy of the day.

I miss my dog...and my clean room thoughts and ♥heart♥

Photo of the Night.1

19. june 2017 at 1:12 | Me.

Night. Visual. Inspiration.

This picture got me very interested in...just a little inspiration of the night.

In my opinion the gate is too much open. I would add some difficulties for example bars. Because it's not that EASY to let someone or something into your heart and soul.


19. june 2017 at 0:46 | Me.


I have decided recently that I start blogging. I don't know what this blog will be about. Now I assume that here will be some posts about my life and some similar shit.

NO...my life is not interesting at all. This I am doing for myself, as my little "secret" social site - speaking 'bout random stuff. Just instead of going to psychologist just write posts. Second of all write in English. It seems not to be personal for me writing in English rather than in my native language - Czech.

If I said my life is boring. Right onw I'm sitting by my notebook, typing some shit about me and my life. It's half past twelve at night. I have to do so many things to school or just cleaning my personal space or just get some sleep. However, not I'm awake. I'm alone at home. Don't know what to do with my life as always. MY dog is far away from me. and My heart hurts...

Please help! Don't wanna go to school. 6 hours to GO! Fuck..I'm messed up. How to survive this. Someone. Tell me.